Canon shows off tons of cameras

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The gigantic Canon booth loomed over CES with its slew of brand new products. Recently, Canon unveiled almost a dozen new camcorders. They were on display and Gadgetell played with some of them.

Virtually all of the HD consumer camcorder line can now record in a 24Mbps mode called MXP. Why does this matter? The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of video. If you’re a video podcaster or just like making movies, this stuff matters to you. The tape-based HV40 records in 25Mbps in HDV format.

Usually, Canon cameras are pretty well thought out. An upgraded model of the HF100, called the HF200, appeared to have fixed some of the bugs present in the HF100. These were far from major issues, but Canon must have heard some complaints and actually listened.

Canon even put its money where its mouth is by broadcasting its stage show on screens using a Canon consumer camcorder, the HG21, with a component output and a wide-angle lens.

We’ve got plenty of photos, so check them out.

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