Acer’s new TravelMate, touts docking capabilities

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Acer's TravelMate

With CES less than a week over, the tech world still seems to be pushing releases. Maybe in response to the poor holiday sales the industry saw, maybe not. But one thing is for sure, Acer’s new TravelMates hit the streets with some strong features for both the average home user as well as the business user.

Acer’s new TravelMate 6593 and TravelMate 6493 have a large variety of options available. Both come with Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology as well as a modest integrated Intel 3D graphics accelerator. Additionally, the TravelMate 6493 has a 14.1-inch screen while the TravelMate 6593 has a 15.1-inch screen. Both offer the Acer GridVista for displaying up to 8 display windows on one screen simultaneously.

Other options include the availability of up to 4 gigs of RAM, the Acer Crystal Eye webcam, and Acer Video Conference Manager Software, Acer Bio-Protection digital imprint reading solution, and Acer FingerLaunch for added security.

The new TravelMates from Acer can also be directly incorporated into the Acer ezDock II and ezDock II+ docking stations. The docking systems also come with, according to the press release, “an innovative plug-n-play solution allowing instant connection of multiple devices in one simple operation and the ability to dock TravelMate notebooks without having to reboot.”

Source: Press Release

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  • Samuel

    Acer’s new TravelMates have variety of option available & it can be directly incorporated into the Acer ezDock II & ezDock II+ docking stations & i think it will be of the one of the best gadget to be shown in CES.