The inauguration is everywhere – you can’t miss it!

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Barack Obama

So, have you been worried that you might miss a minute of the historic inauguration coverage that will take place in DC next week? Well, fret no more. Websites, satellite companies, television networks and even photo sharing sites plan to give you a firsthand look at all of the action.

DIRECTV is using its Mix channel as a way to showcase all of the coverage. Viewers will be treated to eight different screens simultaneously displaying inauguration coverage from each network. Subscribers to DIRECTV can either choose to watch all of the screens at once or tune in to one of the selected channels for full screen viewing. Their will also be a ticker running at the bottom of the screen sharing facts about the inauguration.

If you check out the homepages for MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, you’ll see that they have special inauguration coverage and events planned for January 20th as well. SnapMyLife, a growing photo network sharing site will have many of its users take pictures from their mobile phone around DC in order to share the historic images of this event. To share inauguration photos, members will email or MMS the photo to a personal upload address with an “Obama” tag. Users can then view the streaming photos through the SnapMyLife website.


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