Do widgets belong on your TV?

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Widgets on TV

Widgets are slowly making their way to television, but some people think that widgets have no place on TV. “Television is supposed to be a veg out time. Don’t complicate my TV with widgets.” That’s crazy.

After years of seeing identification bugs on the bottom right of our screens, animated ads popping out of corners, and every news channel having multiple tickers, this is the time for widgets on television.

Ask anyone involved in fantasy sports. They would love to have a customized fantasy sports ticker on the bottom of their screens. Having the weather or stocks on your television is really not that different than watching the news except you get your information when you want.

The success of widgets on television is really on the presentation. If you just use computer lingo and tell the consumer to subscribe to RSS feeds and you’ll get a newsfeed, you will lose them. If you set up a friendly interface and dumb it down a bit, then widget acceptance will happen.

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