Users are now able to download videos straight from YouTube

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Click to Download on YouTube

One of the drawbacks to YouTube is the inability to download a video as soon as you are finish watching one that you like. There are many websites out there, such as YouConvertIt,, that allow you to download videos by simply providing the video link. However, it takes a decent amount of time before you are able to get the link to download the video. It would be much easier just to download the video straight from YouTube and bypass all the websites that perform this service. Recently, YouTube has added this feature to select political videos, but they plan to add this feature to all other videos.

It’s about time YouTube has added this feature, and I’m sure many are already taking advantage and downloading political videos, such as President-Elect Barack Obama’s weekly address. Whenever all videos come with the “Click to download” link, I’m sure it will be widely received.

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