New feature allows you more control over Google search results

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Google is making some adjustments to its search engine in order to further obliterate the competition. The new feature, Preferred Sites, will allow users to give their preferences in order to have their search results match their tastes.

For example, if you know that you rely on Gadgetell for all the latest technology news and reviews, you can add them as a preferred site to Google. Once you add in preferred websites, you’ll find the label “My preferred site” at the bottom of your search results.

Preferred Sites is simple to use and only requires a Google account. You must first sign in to your Google account and then edit your preferences through the Google preferences page. You can manually add sites or take one of the suggestions provided by Google. The feature also has a remove option if you want to change your preferred sites.

The Preferred Sites feature is still in the experimental stages, so Google is inviting users to provide them with feedback in order to better improve the feature.

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