Whopper sacrifice campaign ends on Facebook

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Burger King Whopper Facebook App

After more than 233,000 people were de-friended in favor of a Burger King Whopper on Facebook, the application has ended due to privacy issues. This popular application gave users a free Whopper coupon if they dumped ten of their friends. It was an extremely popular campaign and more than 23,000 coupons were given out to users.

Burger King used the campaign to appeal to people’s stomachs as well as their senses of humor. When Facebookers would choose the 10 friends to delete in favor of a Whopper, the defriended was sent a humorous notification. The notification let them know that they were ditched in favor of a hamburger.

Facebook felt as though the application violated their privacy policy, since typically no type of notification is sent if a person is deleted as a friend. Instead of adjusting the campaign, Burger King decided to end it prior to reaching its promotional limit of 25,000 free Whopper coupons. Currently, Burger King has no future plans to launch any similar campaigns on social networking sites.

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