To celebrate the Inauguration, Peek device is on sale again

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Peek SaleJust several days ago, the Peek was being offered for $299 with lifetime service. In efforts to commemorate the historical inauguration of President Barack Obama, the Peek has been put on sale again, not with lifetime service, but with an interesting twist.

The first part of the deal is that if you live anywhere in the country and your house address has “1600” on it, congratulations! You just scored a free Peek. In case you don’t live in a house with the number of 1600, you can score a Peek for $44.44, but hurry, you only have the next 44 hours to get your Peek for free or for $44.44. Unlike the lifetime service deal, you would still have to pay $20 in monthly fees. In case you missed the last Peek deal, you might want to go through with this one.

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