Android gets Truphone, lets you make cheap calls

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Truphone on AndroidOne of the greatest features on the G1, as with most other smartphones, is the inclusion of Wi-Fi in addition to 3G wireless. It is much easier for those whose carriers might have limit data limits on the 3G networks or who just want more speed. It can also provide for cheaper phone calls as with the new Android app from Truphone.

Truphone is bringing its iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry app to the Android Marketplace, allowing users to make incredibly cheap or even free phone calls. With the app, you can call any other Truphone user free of charge or call international numbers very cheaply. For instance, a call from the USA to France is $0.018 for a landline or $0.188 for cellphone.

Truphone can do quite a bit more, you can use it to keep in contact with friends using MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk, with AIM and Skype support coming soon. Truphone can also be used for Twitter, making it one of the most complete apps for internet communication that I’ve seen.

Having a central app is pretty nice, even if it only means less transfer between apps. When Skype support actually gets to it, I would imagine it being a more viable option. Making your friends sign up for a new account every time you find a new service can be rather annoying, and doesn’t always turn out all that well.

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