New cell phone technologies give more control to parents

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Aegis LogoSeveral new products are being released that can help a parent control a teenager’s cell phone usage while driving. They have the ability to track a child’s whereabouts and turn off cell phone service while the child is at school. These tools are meant to give parents more control over how and where the child uses a cell phone. Other advantages include the ability to prevent teens from falling victim to accidents related to cell phone usage.

Many of the companies, including Guardian Angel Technology, use GPS technology to allow parents to better monitor their children. Using an online map, parents can log on and see the exact location of their child. If the teen is driving or in a car, the parent can see the exact speed that they are traveling at.

Another cell phone program, DriveAssist from Aegis Mobility actually disables the cell phone when driving speeds are reached. Callers receive a message that the person is unavailable because they are driving. However, the drawback of this program is that the phone will be disabled even for passengers in a car.

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