Facebook rules the web according to new statistics

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Facebook LogoMySpace is so five minutes ago. Well, at least that’s the consensus according to a new statistics report from ComScore. The report shows that Facebook receives nearly double the amount of unique worldwide visitors to its site than their competitor MySpace.

The data shows that approximately 222 million people logged on Facebook in December while only 125 million people visited MySpace. Facebook has steadily increased their number of visitors an average of 10 percent each month. It also has about 100 million more registered users than MySpace. However, MySpace still leads in the United States according to page view data and time spent on the website. These statistics indicate though that this year, Facebook may surpass MySpace in the United States as well.

Although Facebook leads on a global level, MySpace is faring financially better. Due to the News Corporation investment, the site has pulled in more revenue than Facebook. Facebook still faces the challenge of developing ways to monopolize on their bigger audience.

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