Gadgetell Giveaway: Philips RC9800i universal remote

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Philips RC9800i remote giveaway!Still using a bunch of different remotes to control your home entertainment center? Things are about to change. Gadgetell is giving away a Philips RC9800i universal remote control to one of you lucky folks!

What does this thing do? It’s got the standard infrared control, but it also can control things over Wi-Fi on your network. You can actually browse your network for media files from the remote’s touch screen. You’ve also got access to an electronic program guide from the remote.

How do you enter this giveaway? That’s super-simple. Register with Gadgetell and leave a comment to this post. If you are already registered, just submit a comment. Remember, you must be registered for your comment to count as an entry! It’s that easy.

The contest will be open until February 28th. Comment away!

Read: [Full contest terms]
Product Page: [Philips RC9800i]

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  1. I really need one. I have a TV, VCR/DVD, Playstation 2, and a satellite receiver remote. I really need a universal remote.

  2. I shall hold the remote of power and all will feel the wrath of the Couch Potato King.

    WiFi and touchscreens and whiskers on kittens….these are a few of my favorite things…

    Cliffie B
  3. wow, i want this thing. i'm particularly intrigued at the wi-fi capabilities

  4. that is too cool. I'd love to get that. Thanks!

  5. Between the two DVR's, AppleTV, DVD, plasma, and DirecTV, I would love this remote. Thanks for all you guys do.

  6. Should go nicely with my digital converter box.

  7. Just mentioned to the family yesterday why I now understand why someone would pay such ridiculous prices for all in one remotes. Coincidence? I think not.

    Robert McFair
  8. Wow! This is perfect for my dad, at home we call him "The King Of The Couch Master Of The TV" with this thing he's gonna feel like a god. I can imagine him trying to tweak the thing to control my life and spy on my mom or some S**T like that.

  9. ..A remote with wifi…..sigh……

  10. Cool. I want one.

  11. Interesting device, at 1st glance thought it was some sort of GPS or PMP. Who knows, I might even win it ?


    mike sullivan
  12. I could really use this. It looks exactly like I am searching for.

    pat ramey
  13. I want to win.

  14. Got a wide screen with a cable box and sound system -3 remotes -
    Yes I need this

    mitchell fadem
  15. Our remotes are on the fritz…we could use this!

    Louise Brouillette
  16. seems like it works better if your registered. Way cool remote.


  17. Pretty cool.

  18. More than cool…

  19. This seems awesome. The wifi is a plus.

  20. awesome device

    Andrew Gordon
  21. This would be beyond cool. I have a home theater, directv, xbox360, tivo, dvd recorder and slingbox hooked to my tv.

  22. Macho squared

    Gary Martin
  23. This is terrific

  24. I could get rid of 7 remotes with this.

  25. This would be great to eliminate the 3 remotes I use now. Please let me win.

  26. Man, this thing is so cool! It would be great to use with my new home theater

    Robert Fantom
  27. Fabulouso!!! Send one my way :)

    Victoria Ross
  28. cool- wow how many remotes could we put away lots

  29. ooohh…the remote is even fancier than my tv! may I have one, please?

  30. Couch potato hi-tech. Gimme one

  31. Pretty! I would LOVE this!

    Steve R
  32. what an exciting contest and a great site

    Catherine copeland
  33. Wow, this remote looks really cool. I want it.

    Brian Morin
  34. Wow, one more new gadget going WiFi…super!!!

  35. Philips IS #1

    Kimberly Cook
  36. I would love to win!

    Tom Showers
  37. I've died and gone to heaven.

    Dennis Fuss
  38. sign me up

    John R
  39. I really really need this! Very nice remote.

    Pam Morse
  40. Would love to win that.

    Scott Alderman
  41. coolest remote i've ever seen

  42. Wow I could get rid of a lot of remotes… I need this!

  43. Very cool. We have tons of gadgets we could use with this remote.

  44. I love gadgets.

  45. would love this!

  46. This thing is awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway.

    Rita M
  47. Does it come with "Remotes for Dummies" book?

    Sandra P.
  48. I bought a universal remote for Christmas but could never get iit programmed. I hope if I win, this one is easy to program.

  49. This looks like a great gadget!

    Judy Abbott
  50. Please count me in…I could sure put this to good use!

  51. Love this giveaway.

  52. this is awesome. I would love it

    Brandon Passage
  53. This would be wonderful to have in our home – thank you

    Marilyn Wons
  54. I Need, I Want

  55. My husband is in charge of the remote and this would be the end of all end gadgets
    Thanks for the contest

    Ruth Utterback
  56. What a terrific remote. Would love this.

    Ricka D.
  57. This is one cool device. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  58. I have six different remotes and I always pick up the 5 wrong ones before I pick up the right one. I need a universal remote.

    Tracey Byram
  59. My teens would love for me to win this!

    Carrie Bezak
  60. how cool is this

  61. seems cool..I like the touchscreen feature.

  62. This would be awesome. We, too, have multiple remotes and I am so not a remote person. Nice solution!

    Sydney Mathis
  63. I want one of these!

    Kyle Tyckoski
  64. This looks like a really innovative product… Take a look at the products web page to learn more… I can think of nine different remotes laying around the house that I could combine into one easy to use format, what a great idea!

  65. cool contest i would love one of these

    michelle lopez
  66. My husband would go nuts for this remote. He loves gadgets.

    Sandra K
  67. I would be so THRILLED to win it!!

    Karen M
  68. Help free up my coffee table space! I need one of these bad!

  69. i really need less remotes

    Terry Crawford
  70. i need this to take back control of my life!

  71. I could really use this around here. I'm sick of having five remotes piled on the entertainment center!

  72. I could use this since we have about 15 remotes always laying around the house DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

    Monique Rizzo
  73. I've got a 40 inch Samsung LCD HDTV. Could shure use one of these.

  74. What a great new product, sure hope I win.

  75. What a great new product, hope I win this.

    joan rice
  76. Hi,

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    This remote would be wonderful to try. Several remotes to use are so difficult.

    John Clark III
  77. This is the coolest and most techiest universal remote ever. This gem would knock out seven of my current remotes and would look absolutely gorgeous on my coffee table! Thanks for the entry!

  78. Please enter me. This looks nice

  79. We have four remotes and it would be so nice to have just one. It would be awesome to win.

    Linda Gilbert
  80. Wow, this is the coolest. Thanks for the chance!

  81. Awesome prize!!!

    Robert Cooper
  82. Cool. Who doesn't want to simplify? Wifi is the icing on the cake. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Would be great for a media server.

  84. One remote for everything, perfect, just what I need.

    Thomas C. Yanity
  85. Awesome remote!!! I could definitely use the Philips RC9800i remote; it's sure a drag juggling remotes all the time.

  86. Gosh that think looks slick, The ULTIMATE universal remote.

    Adele Z.
  87. Thats cool!

    Janice Whitaker
  88. You have no idea what my husband would do if I could win this. I could probably even get foot rubs for a year!

    Julia Magrath
  89. That's a great device … I could put away my multitude of remotes with this baby! Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  90. This is a must have super cool new toy!

  91. I will never lose this remote!

    Randal Symmes
  92. That is one sweet remote!

    Dan Roller
  93. We're using five remotes, and not very well. Would love to try this, thanks!

  94. a must have now i can get rid off all of my remotes and just have one. WOW WHAT A REMOTE

    timothy l
  95. Would be a nice addition to my home theater. My logitech is getting old.


  96. What a great giveaway!

    michael woods
  97. Very cool gizmo.

  98. Great remote. I could be King of the TV!

  99. Should cover all equipment I now own and stuff I haven't thought of yet.

  100. Wooo Hooo Make me a winner!

    Gary Osborn
  101. sexiest remote ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. ooh! I need one of these!

    Pam T
  103. Wow! I would love this for my husband.

  104. How cool! Count me in on this one!

    Terri D
  105. This will replace a half dozen remotes for me.

  106. This will take care of 6 remotes.

  107. wow this is really slick!

  108. WiFi? Wow – I already love it!

    Do you know how much space I could save with this neat gadget?

  109. Amazing what it can do…great prize, thank you.

  110. that thing is sweet

    Joe Clauss
  111. Life is good, but even better with this remote.

    Lois F
  112. This looks really great! And the Wi-Fi feature sounds really cool.

  113. How cool is this thing!

    Joel Miller
  114. I need an octopus for all my remotes or I could win this universal remote

    Gale Cox
  115. Ultimate Remote

    Rocco Windover
  116. great gift

    betty white
  117. I have been wanting something like this for a long time. I would be a nice gift for my hubby's entertainment system. Very practical.

  118. Wow! Thats awesome finally a remote I wont throw off the wall!

  119. This would be a great upgrade from the remote I have now that a buddy spilled beer on!

  120. I would absolutely LOVE this!!!

  121. I don't understand it but I want it!

    marleen davis
  122. Way too many remotes on the couch and a couple missing. Please help me out.

  123. Boy do I love new technology, I would sure like to call it mine.

  124. Remote viewing is looking into the future

    Ronald Frederick
  125. WOW, one sweet remote, would be great to have just 1 remote, getting crazy with all the new gadgets I simply can't stop myself from buying

  126. Wow! This would be nice.

  127. My techie son would love this. Thanks for the chance.

    Kathy Scott
  128. we have 2 remotes for each(3) tv

    jeff clough
  129. thans

  130. I am registered. Thanks for the giveaway. This would help me out a lot. Tim

  131. So much control…

  132. This remote is awesome!!! My husband would love this! We have so many video/audio components and many remotes. It would be great to consolidate all remotes.

  133. I have a tv with a really poor remote. This could be the answer to my dilemma.

    Patricia Bergman
  134. I could like this prize if it falls into my hands!!

    Dana Durec
  135. It would be nice to have a universal remote that really worked with everything.

  136. hello… Im a winner

  137. Wow, more gadgets for the house.

    Audrey Greenberg
  138. thanks why?

  139. It's nice to find a site that addresses things I like. This would also me a great win, hope I win it. Thanks.

    Douglas W
  140. This is just what I need for my cable/DVD/TV/Wii..etc.

  141. Boy do I want this. Love that it's wifi

    Frances Carty
  142. we have 2 remotes for each (3) tv!

  143. This should simplify things…thanks.

  144. No more multiple remotes or having to hunt them down when you need one! Wouldn't that be absolutely wonderful and everyone of my friends would finally think I've gone hi-tech.

  145. just the thing for a couch potato like me.

    LeRoy Thomas
  146. Just the thing for a couch potato like me!

    LeRoy Thomas
  147. I wouldn't lose it I promise. It is family joke about how often I lose remotes. However, I hereby swear that if I win this remote, I will know where it is at all times.

  148. A magnificent remote. If it were edible, I would eat it and leave a giant tip.

    Ricardo El Groovy
  149. This would be the Perfect gift for my husband whose birthday is coming up soon.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway !

  150. Very nice and useful prize, thanks for hosting this giveaway

    John OBrien
  151. who's turn is it for the remote?

  152. now THIS is a hot contest! Sign me up!!!

    Gary Emes
  153. I'm speechless! My BF has all the best gadgetry and if I owned this, it would make him beyond jealous….saltier than a bag 'o' cheetos!!!

    Brenda Michalak
  154. Now this is ONE hot contest prize! Sign me up

    Gary Emes

    tom homrich
  156. Very Nice! One remote for all! Finally!

    Rick Bryant
  157. Great device.

    Karen Gonyea
  158. Awesome :)

    Karen Gonyea
  159. looks like a great quality remote

    david basile
  160. i would truely love one of these!!!

    donna pavcik
  161. I’d love to get this thing

  162. This would be an awesome birthday gift for my husband!!

    Carrie Chastain-Little
  163. great contest

    dor Mer
  164. neat gadget.

  165. looks fantastic……plus not so easily lost!

  166. It would be great to have to keep up with only one remote, the wifi sounds interesting too.

  167. Looks amazing. I am always misplacing my remote controls. Thank you for the chance to win.

  168. My wife would love this – yes, my wife! She's worse than I am with the remotes!

  169. I just got a 52" HDTV andwith all the other electonics I have I could use one

    Brian Mungle
  170. Nice universal remote, thanks for the sweep. … Alan

    Alan Huestis
  171. I would love this! My universal remote screen is cracked =(

    Jessica McKelvie
  172. This would be so great. I can't figure out all the remotes sometimes. Love that I can do the wi-fi. This would be a great thing for my husband he's always misplacing one of the remotes. If we only had one, with a home place for it, it would save lots of time. Please enter me, thank you

    Debbie Criss


  175. This is wonderful

  176. fantastic I really need one of these.

  177. All I can say is that I want this.

  178. my bf would love this! with the Wii and the home stereo and DVD player and all that jazz he would love it. once he teaches me how to use maybe I woiuld too! ha!

    Karissa Gindling
  179. This would really make my entertainment system. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. this is good i am registered

    Linda Lansford
  181. Way cool gadget. This looks awesome. I would like the opportunity to see if this works as well as it sounds.

    Julie Johnson
  182. nice idea for someone to make up one remote for all~

  183. my house desperately needs this!

  184. cool prize

    tammy hankins
  185. 9 devices + 9 remotes = chaos.
    5 devices are the same brand….i am never quite sure what remote I should be using.

  186. Would simplify my life!

  187. I've always wanted one of these remotes. I guess it's just one of those manly things. This is like a universal remote on crack!

    Thanks for the contest.


  188. Please……………………….make me a winner. Divorce if wife can not use TV soon.

  189. I registered. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Helena Batt-Vesey
  190. This is a great prize, thanks!

    Donald Martin
  191. I really need a good universal remote for all the stereo, PS2, VCR, DVD. I could go from 5 to one.

  192. i would love to have that remote. it would clear off alot of space on the table.

  193. Would give my left nut for this remote

  194. I really love this UR, there are lots of UR's available in the market,from major leading brands like logitech,but this RC9800i from Philips is really awesome.I have a JVC CD Compo system,Philips HTB,Philips matchline TV,Sony DVD player and Pioneer A/V Reciever,all five different remote hand unit.although pioneer claims that their AV remote is an URC with learning facility,I find it too complicted to operate.Since then I was looking for a good URC,now i found it,thiis is the one from Philips URC "(The heartthrob of all home entertainments)"

  195. I have been looking for a remote just like this.

  196. This would really be great to have one remote instead of 4 and this really looks like a great gadget. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  197. I'm a sucker for gadgets

    Jacob LaFountaine
  198. Thanks for the great contest.

    Jerry Przybylski
  199. great contest, please enter me.
    thank you

    keith reardon
  200. i have 5 remotes right now and could really use this please enter me also

    Sonya Allstun
  201. I'd love this , my kids would too.I have ps2 and surround sound,would make operating them all much easier.Thanks for a great giveaway.

    Margaret Carver
  202. would love to have that

    Latrice Jones
  203. This is a great contest

    Randy Kelly
  204. Wow!

    Larry Fullhart, II
  205. I need a new toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    James Pecoraro
  206. This is a great prize.

    Tom Bellamy
  207. what a find thanks for the info

    keith james
  208. I would love to give this to my husband the king of the remote. with all the gadgets he has he is always loosing one of the remotes. He blames me, but he loses it.

  209. This would be perfect for me. Thanks for the chance.

    Matt Chapman
  210. wow – is this cool or what – I would have to hire somone to program it for me but once that is done I would think I had died and gone to heaven!!!

    Carol Drury
  211. this seems like a neat gadget and I would love to try it out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  212. Just what I've been looking for.

  213. This would be great! Any new technology is good technology!

  214. Way too many remotes on the coffee table. Please help me out.

  215. Can't live without it now!

    Robert Roche
  216. well doggies!

    Jeralinn Roche
  217. What a dream invention!

  218. DO WANT!

  219. Thanks for the giveaway! I am sure my son will beg me to let him have it if I win since he has 5 remotes and I only have

    Have a nice evening! :)

  220. That gadget would save so much more room on my night table. It would be nice not to drop a remote on the floor almost every time I pick one up or put one down. Really cool prize.

  221. i would love to upgrade my remote – and i think it would impress some people who drop by, too lol.thanks!


  222. What an awesome remote…I didn't even know they had these! so cool! you definitely couldn't lose this one..or would want to for that matter! Thanks for the review…great giveaway!

  223. We can't seem to keep up with all the remotes we have. This would be great. Thanks for the contest.

  224. boy would i really like to have my dirty hands around one!!

  225. I've always thought a wifi remote was a great idea. I'd love to try this one.

  226. I signed up! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  227. We are always juggling and misplacing remotes. We could really use this!

  228. This would be fantastic, since I just lost my remote and can no longer play my Wii!

  229. Looks cool. As far as who should get it that I know of, I'll cross that bridge later.

  230. We have a pile of remotes that may not even belong to us. This would fix the situation!!

  231. That remote is so cool!

  232. I would love to win this and get rid of all my other remotes!

  233. This is pretty cool

  234. This remote is SWEET! Hook it up!

  235. Very nice … my wife would love this!

  236. This looks awesome. I would love to win this. Thanks.

    Lesly Orf
  237. my parents aren't the most technology-wise people and since they have 4 remotes for their home theater system it would be nice to give them this as a gift so they don't keep getting so confused and calling me to help them figure stuff out!! then maybe i can watch my own tv in peace!

  238. Oh if only…..

  239. Mine please

  240. I could get rid of so many remotes with this, dvd player, vcr, directv box, remote, and speakers i could stop losing all my remotes. I am seriously the worst person for loosing remotes ever, ill have all my remotes stacked up and look for one and it will be the one i need that i cant find, no more stack of remotes, could just have one remote on the table. Would be a great contest to win, cool device.

  241. This would definitely come in handy!

  242. Very nice.

  243. please enter me

  244. I really need one of these. Pretty cool.

    Glenda D
  245. Stuff is fun!

  246. please just give it to me

  247. I LOVE gadgets. This sounds so cool and useful too. I would love to win this

  248. i so need this…i hope i win…please please please

    Boca Boi 786
  249. This seems like a universal remote that I'd actually use!

  250. This is a great remote, the only set back is that you can't make custom buttons or pages, other then the standard preprogrammed screens.

  251. We're installing a media room. This would be a good fit and an awsome givewaway

    Dallan Elk
  252. This would be good to have!

    Thomas Semesky
  253. i have 5 remotes! help!

  254. This sounds fascinating! I would love to own & try it

    Sue McKinney
  255. Very nice.

    It would be OK to make me the winner.

  256. I'll take one, please.

  257. I'm in.

  258. This is awesome. My life will be easlier with it. Need one

  259. I really like that remote! Please, please PLEASE contest Gods, shine down upon me!

  260. I'd love to win! Thank you.

  261. I've tried to use the logitech 890 but the buttons are too small. Maybe this would be a better remote, If I win I'll let you know how I like it.

  262. sounds great

  263. I have always wanted to try one of the super remotes!

  264. This is really a good example of "less is more"!

  265. oooo touchscreen…

  266. I'd love to get rid of all my remotes!

    Jon Lefkove
  267. This is one cool gadget. Count me in please. I'm tired of six different remotes

  268. I always liked the look of this remote. Maybe I'll get a chance to have one.

    Gary Gendel
  269. Way too cool

  270. Not only could I get rid of remotes, but I could controll my music collection easily from the couch via the wi-fi

  271. What a nice piece of equipment! I need this for my living room.

  272. my husband would like this.

    Vicky Boackle
  273. My husband definatly needs this! I am tired of trying to find all the remotes. Thanks for a swell giveaway!

    Kathy Emerick
  274. I wouldn't have to hear "do you know where the remote is" anymore!

  275. I definately could use this.

    Bill W
  276. I love the idea of this lol =)

  277. My husband will love it!!

  278. Oh man please pick me. My wife would love it!

  279. my wife would love this one!

  280. this is an awesome piece of tech

  281. I'm just getting ready to put together a dedicated home theater and this would be awesome.

  282. Great prize. I wanna win it!!!

    Gabriel J.
  283. thats nice

    Jammie Morey
  284. I've wanted a real universal remote for a while now and this thing looks like a beast. I would love to win this.

  285. I really hate the clutter of all those d@M# remotes. One slick remote like would be a status symbol to show off to guests. The Wi Fi capability is intriguing.

  286. a remote with wifi is cool

    joe gersh
  287. I could eliminate 6 remotes if I win.

    Daniel L
  288. very nice, thanks

    Cindy Allen
  289. It would be great to stop looking in and under the furniture on a daily basis!! I'd be very happy to win this. Thanks!

  290. In the land of the living room…..the remote holder is king!!

  291. This is really cool. I would love to have one of these. Much easier than controlling everything with 5 remotes LOL

    Charlotte Jordan
  292. Perfect gift for the lover who has everything!

    Allen Rodney
  293. So nice…would be fun.

  294. too

  295. Would make life much easier!!

  296. What a perfect way to consolidate remotes!

  297. nice contest, hope i win, thanks.

    James E
  298. This would be cool to own-

  299. What a beautiful piece of technology. I would love to win!

  300. I have an assortment of components from different eras and this might reduce the number of remotes and on/off switches I must use. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    Ken Robinson
  301. I'm worried my TV would be so intimidated by this remote it would choose instead to self destruct! But damnit, for you guys thats a chance i'm willing to take.

  302. What a great gadget. this would be helpful

  303. Comments are tricky things.

    Peter D
  304. I have 7 remotes on the end table It is a pain trying to figure out which one goes to which item this would be so great

    Bonnie Day
  305. This would be much nicer than trying to juggle a bunch of different remotes.

  306. Do want.

  307. Hmmm….This would certainly make life easier..

  308. Oh universal remote, I have waited so long for you. If I should win, I shall never loose sight of you, I will obey all your commands, till death do us part.

    nicole schmidt
  309. ummm I nwould love to own this baby!

  310. Very futuristic!

  311. Dear lord.. That sucker is awesome.

    Ryan Moore
  312. wOW~!
    What an interesting GADGET!
    I would love to win it for my bro the tech wizard!

    Jovita Cantu
  313. i want to win this

    sandra labombard
  314. These are so awesome! I would love it!!
    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  315. now that's a piece of art right thurrr!

    james anderson
  316. Way cool.

    Rick Stafford
  317. I really need this–we now have the TV, DVD player, satellite system for cable and a game system for my son! Thank you for the contest!

  318. I registered!

    Kathy Conley
  319. Would love to win this! The 'Wi-fi' capabilities are 'AWESOME'! Please, include me in your giveaway drawing! Thanks and good luck to all!

  320. I need a universal remote – I want this!

  321. if this will help me change a channel without 3 remotes.. count me in!

    Shelly Miller
  322. I'm so confused right now in my own living room. This device could save my sanity!

  323. Technology has come a LONG way

  324. This is simply AMAZING! Thank you!!!

  325. What an awesome remote! Can you even call that thing a remote? This would make my life sooooo much easier!

  326. These things r so cool! I wouldn't know what to do if i won lol i have so many remotes i feel like adam sandler in click.

  327. Wow, this Philips RC9800i touchscreen universal remote with wifi is genius! I don't get wow'd very often and this nifty gadget is amazing with all its uses and features! We would literally use this all the time in our household. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  328. This would be a cool surprise for hubby. He's been down in the dumps because he got laid off (auto industry in MI-ouch) and this sure would make his day!

  329. Its so fancy schmancy, I want it!!!

  330. I want to go to there.

  331. wow! it's like a dream. Now I'll never have to get up!

  332. This would be sweet. Thanks for the opportunity.

  333. With remotes for the TV, DVD, VHS (yeap still use it on occasion), surround sound, stereo receiver, CD player, and satellite receiver/DVR, it sure would free up the top of the end table for other things. And just think, only one ting to keep batteries in. Hope my carma is right to win. Thanks.

    Larry Kroesing
  334. I really could use this remote.

    Henry Farley
  335. It really is ridiculous having to use 5 different remotes and running out of batteries in this one … and where is that one? Thanks!

  336. can i have one? it would really up my geek points

  337. I want it too.

    Michelle Simons

    Charles Opperman
  339. very cool remote- i could sure use something like that… thanks for the entry

    Mark Winger
  340. my family REALLY needs this!

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    R Hicks
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    Jessie A
  343. Great giveaway! Thanks!

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    Vicki Andrew
  345. Boy, could I use this. I just got an HDTV, and with all my components I am now not even sure which does what! To have them all in one remote would be golden.

  346. I would love to win this. I could use a new remote!

  347. It's difficult to believe that this intriguing little item isn't loads better than our supposedly "universal" current remote… Universally confusing, that one is! heh

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    John Kraichely
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    Melissa P
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    Cori Westphal
  351. The Philips RC9800i touchscreen universal remote with wifi would be such a fabulous new toy! :-) Thank you for this opportunity.

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  353. Wow, could I use this!

    Patti Sherman
  354. I want this.

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  356. We just built a new movie room with HDTV ,tivo. stereo DVD and a XBOX 360 and a remote fan that five remotes .To be able to listen to my mp3's on the remote itself would be cool! We could really use this!

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    Kurt Barbuscio
  358. something I've wanted forever.

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    Liz C
  360. Pretty color

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    i would love to win this

    Aaron Johnson
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  364. God bless our troops.
    Cooool giveaway!

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    God bless

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