Drivers beware: study reveals new cell phone danger

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cellphonesA new study reveals that drivers have a lot more to worry about than trying to drive while talking on their cell phones. Researchers at the University of Alabama conducted a study involving 77 children and discovered those who talk or text on their cellphones while crossing streets are 43% more likely to be hit by a car.

In the study, the children, ages 10 and 11, were observed by using virtual reality software to simulate a crosswalk. A sensor pad recorded their moves and revealed the children took more risks when talking on their cell phones as they crossed, took longer to do so, and often forgot to look both ways beforehand.

“Cell phones clearly offer convenience and safeguards to families, but they also may pose risk,” said doctoral student Despina Stavrinos, whose study appears in the journal Pediatrics. Stavrinos said in a statement that children who attempt to multitask while talking on a cell phone have “reduced cognitive capacity to devote to potentially dangerous activities such as crossing streets.”

The researchers made the same conclusion that applies to driving and cell phone use: Don’t do it. Cell phones are distracting and that’s just too dangerous when driving or crossing the street.

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  • Raymonds

    It is a real fact,the number of such accidents are dangerously shooting up,this happens even at rail crossing and at rail station platform, accidently moving to the edge of the platform using the phone and seldom cares of the train heading towards. what to say about such attitudes.How can we prevent this.

  • C. Baker

    OK..I get that driving or walking while texting is bad but what I've been wondering is WHAT ABOUT FAST FOOD? I mean, have you ever eaten a taco while driving? Or how about balancing the ketchup while attempting to dunk your french fry? I have had a lot more "close calls" while eating in the car than I ever had while using my cellphone!