Have colorful portable music with the Music Balloon

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Do you have a friend that wants a portable speaker and is afraid of clowns? Then don’t buy them this speaker. For all your friends not suffering from coulrophobia, Geek Stuff 4 U has a news portable speaker that looks like a big, colorful ball—the Music Balloon. Why is it named the Music Balloon? Did you even look at the picture?

The speaker plugs into any standard 1/8 inch (3.55 mm) headphone jack. The unit charges via USB, and you should get about two hours of play from a full charge. It comes in five colors—pink, yellow, red, blue, and black—and should entertain visually as well as musically. As of press time, the Geek Stuff 4 U website was down from a DoS attack but should be up soon.

From [Electronic House]

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