Text your sandwich: Subway gets hip to SMS

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subwaynow brings texting sms to sub order

Hungry in the Big Apple? Of course you are! Hate standing in lines while a plastic gloved sandwich artist prepares your sandwich and love to text? Of course! Subway’s new “Subway Now” service allows customers to use the SMS functionality of their phone to place an order.

I can hear you already: “I don’t want to type out all the toppings I want!” Right you are. When you sign up for the service (which you must do to use) you’ll enter your favorite sandwich combos. Upon texting “Menu” to the company, they shoot back your favorites. Then you make selections based on that. Two texts and you’ll have your order confirmation and a time to swing by.

Currently the pilot program is only in New York City, but we expect this service to roll out shortly. As a bonus, American Express card holders get a free $5 footlong sub with their first Subway Now order. Sweet.

It is great to see companies take advantage of tech to offer us some options. Other companies have gone this route, such as Papa Johns, and we can expect this trend to continue.

Product page: [Subway]

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  • Missy

    Small outfits are also using SMS (and specifically Twitter) to help customers place orders on the fly:

  • Applebees Menu

    Great ! It will be very helpful for customers to get their favorite dishes within no time. Thanks for sharing this.