New Skype for Windows released

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Skype 4 for Windows

The highly regarded VoIP, video, and IM service Skype has released a new version for Windows. Considering the 14.5 million online as I write this, I’m sure that the new interface and features will please the masses.

Skype 4.0 offers video calls, improved peripheral hardware setup, and improved call quality. Unfortunately, (not Skype’s fault) there is still no support for emergency calls such as 911 in the U.S. That has to do with VoIP regulations, etc.

Video calls have been on the rise over the last few years and Skype aims to keep up the momentum by making video calls easier and offering free face-to-face video calls. You can also go full screen for a more direct feel to the call. New bandwidth management allows for quality video even on lower bandwidths.

Other new features include a new codec that allows for better voice transmission while utilizing half the bandwidth as older versions of Skype. A sleek new interface with a “Conversations” tab provides a more intuitive way to stay organized. The new interface is designed to make it easier to navigate Skype on the fly or while relaxing at home. Check out the screen shots to see examples of the new Skype 4.0

Skype 4 now with better video

Skype 4 now with better interface

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  • George

    I have to say, I only see praise all over the net – and yet no-one I know likes it!

    Maybe we’ve got to “get used” to it (a year-&-a-half later I still haven’t got used to the totally impractical new Office 2007!), but i HATE it when a programme developer swamps my workspaces in their own cool clever popups & messages! I also don’t like the transparent window with all that empty space, the colours, the way windows jump around my screen where they didn’t before…

    In fact, I’m rather afraid that the more I “get used” to it, the more stuff I’m not going to like!

    Oh & I was expecting better audio quality – what happened?



    Ah well, time to check out the competition, I suppose… uh, oh, there ain’t any! Maybe that’s the problem! (The same as has afflicted Windows for so long!).

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