Google voice search and Google Latitude included in new G1 update

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As reported yesterday, T-Mobile is planning to start releasing an over the air update to owners of the G1. Although the company first failed to elaborate on what type of updates customers could expect, they have now announced that both Google Search by voice and Google Latitude will be included in the maintenance release (1.1 RC33).

With the voice activated search feature, users will have the ability to use Google by simply speaking the thing that they wish to search for. The application will transcribe your spoken words into text and your query results will appear on your G1 phone.

Google Latitude is a new feature that has been recently added to Google Maps. With this application you can view your friend’s location via an interactive map, share your location with others through Google Maps and communicate quickly via text messaging, instant messaging or phone call.

All T-Mobile G1 owners should expect to receive this update within the next couple weeks and can stay on top of update news through the T-Mobile forum.

Site: [T-Mobile Forums]

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