Google adds multiple inboxes to Gmail

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Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

Google has been on the ball lately, adding many new features to their Labs component of Gmail. For example, a little over a week ago they made Gmail available offline, added more label features to the top of Gmail, and now they have added the ability to look at multiple Gmail screens.

If you enabled a bunch of labels and filters, you know it can be annoying toggling between labels and the inbox. With this lab feature, you can view more than one inbox at a time, saving you a decent amount of time. The lab feature allows you to choose the number of messages per inbox, as well as the position on the screen of the inbox.

Since it was just unveiled today, it will take a couple of days before every Gmail account receives this option. If you are lucky and have already received it for your account, let us know in the comments how you like it.

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