SmartShopper Electronics rolls out improved grocery list gadget

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SmartShopper Grocery AssistantCleveland-based SmartShopper Electronics has introduced several key improvements to its SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant product. Changes include size reduction with a more attractive look, category management, improved voice recognition, two simultaneous grocery lists, a kitchen timer, greater memory, longer battery life, and an easier procedure for adding custom items and errands.

The grocery gadget, which can be affixed to a wall or refrigerator, allows users to speak grocery items and errands into the unit where its software organizes the information into specific categories. The shopper then prints the list and enjoys a more organized, efficient trip to the grocery store.

Overview of the SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery Assistant

In days past, shoppers affixed a paper grocery list to a wall or refrigerator, or wrote their list on a piece of scrap paper. The result was a disorganized list that caused the shopper to spend wasted time going from aisle to aisle in the grocery store.

SmartShopper Electronics’ SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery Assistant aims to change the disorganization associated with haphazard grocery lists by offering numerous features including:

  • voice recognition software
  • items and errands grouped by category and arranged in alphabetical order
  • an internal database of over 2500 items and errands
  • ability to customize list (add or delete items)
  • one-button printing of grocery list
  • LCD screen with large text for easy reading
  • kitchen timer
  • ability to manage two grocery lists at the same time
  • category management – allows user to match list with store layout

The SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant runs on four AA batteries and prints the grocery list on thermal paper, thus no need for ink replacements.

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  • Sarah

    I just got my SmartShopper deluxe two days ago and I love it! I ordered it from their website and it came right away. The voice recognition has improved greatly. It understood everything I said with the TV on, kids running around yelling, and the dog barking. Awesome! It looks really cool too. Not that the older one didn't have good voice recognition, but this one isn't as affected by background noise. I am going to give my old SmartShopper to my mother. I can't wait to show her how to use it!

  • loisg

    So far, I have found this gadget to be most annoying. It does not recognize my voice; it tells me that the item I have recorded is not in the library but, when I check the library, it is there. I would like to be able to print out the entire list as it came with the gadget, preferable from my computer. Is this possible? Otherwise, this thing is nothing but a waste of my time.