Archos to implement Google’s Android for new Internet Media Tablet smartphone

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Archos Smartphone

Archos, a company mainly known for their PMPs, is planning to enter the smartphone market with their Internet Media Tablets (“IMT”) by employing Google’s Android OS.

If you are familiar with Archos’ IMT features, then you will be pleased to know that they would remain the same in an Android smartphone. To recap, here are some core features that would be present in this smartphone: 5-inch screen, Adobe Flash and Flash Video support, unrestricted access to TV, movies, music, games, photos, TV recording and HD playback, 500GB storage, 7 hour video playback battery life, and it runs on a 3.5G 7.2Mb/s HSUPA. Essentially, it is similar to the Archos 5g Internet Media Tablet with the main difference of voice support and the Android OS.

In addition, Archos plans to include the OMAP 3 platform from Texas Instruments. By using this sort of a platform, it allows for the processor to use less power, while not compromising performance. While not much more is known about the smartphone at this time, expect for it to be ready sometime in Q3 of this year.

Read [Archos Press Release]

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