Get more features with the new multi-touch tablet from Dell

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Dell Latitude XT2Dell has announced that it plans to release the Latitude XT2, the industry’s first PC tablet that will obtain multi-touch screen capabilities. The system has features like added security, longer battery life and DDR3 RAM as well as up to 5GB RAM. The Latitude XT2 will include a full-size keyboard, touchpad, point stick and battery-free pen.

In order to use the Latitude XT2, users will simply have to perform gestures in order to control movement on the screen. For example, when scrolling, you can tap the screen in order to move the page down. Users are also not limited to the touchpad and can use the entire display to perform specific functions. The tablet will last for over 11 hours on battery power with the optional battery slice. Extra security features include Dell ControlVault and ControlPoint Security Manager in order to protect your data.

Pricing starts at $2,399 and you can order the tablet through any Dell Store or online retailer.

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