Google to allow developers charge for their Android apps starting this week

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Android LogoIn a Wall Street Journal article about how Microsoft plans to make special program software available for smartphones running Windows Mobile, Google’s Android OS was briefly mentioned. One little paragraph in the end of the article, devoted to Android, had information about how Google would let developers charge for their apps starting this week.

The last known word on this matter was that Google would let developers make money off their apps in early Q1 of 2009. So, it seems Google has lived up to their word if, in fact, WSJ is correct. One of the reasons the iPhone App store is popular is because developers have a reason to create apps – they can make money from it. Hopefully by letting Android app developers make money off their apps, the Android Market will populate with paid apps as well as more free ones.

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  • JG Mason

    This is it right? We'll get to see if Google can convince developers to put time into apps with a potential payout. If Google can, they we may have a rival platform to the iPhone. If no, well…it is up to the Pre…

    What do you think Natesh, will this roll into something?

  • Natesh Sood

    Since it is Google, I think developers will be more than happy to design an app for Android and make some money. Whether it will grow into something as big as the App store remains to be seen. I like what the Pre has to offer, I can't wait for it to come out and see how it is received by the public.

  • be_fit

    I've been really happy with the google market thus far. I've gotten some of my favorite apps, like CardioTrainer, for free! Can't wait to see what adding paid apps to the market will do!
    Runners: here's a link to one of my runs using CardioTrainer that I uploaded to My Maps:

    JG…I think it will roll into something as the platform is available on more phones