Google enables spreadsheet editing on the go

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Google Docs for mobile now allows editingGoogle has some good news for all the road warriors and smartphone junkies out there; at least for mobile workers who are fans of the spreadsheet function of Google Docs. Google has officially added edit and filter functionality to their mobile spreadsheet application.

It was over a year ago that Google launched a mobile version of its Google Docs suite, which was met with some criticism, based on the fact that it was missing the capability to edit files. This was especially frustrating to users of T-Mobile’s G1 and the iPhone, who do not enjoy the native editing support found in Windows Mobile or third party editing capabilities that can be found for Blackberry or S60 operating systems. Google has now begun to remedy this by introducing data manipulation, entry, and sorting to their spreadsheet application.

Unfortunately as of this time, Google has not extended similar editing functionality to the mobile versions of Google documents or Google presentations. One other limitation is that at this point, you’ll need a device that is running Android, OS X mobile, or S60 to take advantage of these new features. Hopefully, now that Google has gotten spreadsheets out of the way we can see some enhanced functionality love for all the mobile documents users.

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