Verizon’s Friends & Family plan to offer similar features as Alltel’s My Circle

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Since Verizon has now purchased Alltel, subscribers have wondered if the company would offer “My Circle” as a feature on their plans. My Circle was a group of friends or family that you could call an unlimited number of times and not have it count against your plan minutes. Verizon announced this week, its new Friends & Family feature, a comparable option to My Circle.

With the Friends & Family single line option, you can choose 5 of your contacts to make unlimited calls to without using your plan minutes. For family line users, the allowance is extended to 10 contacts.

However, the option does not come without some catches. For instance, users will need to have a minimum plan of $59.99 a month for single lines and $89.99 for family lines in order to be eligible. Also, Alltel users were eligible for 10 My Circle contact for single lines instead of the 5 offered by Verizon.

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