Mobile World Congress is a “mob scene”

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Mobile World Congress LogoGood news for the mobile industry: the Mobile World Congress has garnered much media attention with the newest and greatest wireless products have been showcased. The conference kicked off with the ShowStopppers event, which previews many of the top mobile company’s new releases. Attendees described the event as a “mob scene” with hundreds of reporters, bloggers, and analysts reviewing the new products from top mobile companies.

Exhibitors included Novotel, which created a lot of buzz by introducing MiFi, a device that runs off of a SIM card and turns a smartphone into a wireless hot spot. Meanwhile, Alcatel-Lucent showcased new 3-D content that mobile users can download onto their phone for a broader media experience. Other top mobile companies that presented at ShowStopppers included: Phoenix Technologies, Cellusys, Openmind, iSkin and Sentry Wireless.

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