Truphone Local Anywhere makes all international calls local calls

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Truphone local anywhereTraveling abroad is usually a great experience whether your traveling for business, school, or leisure. But talking to people back home one you get there can be a bit of an issue given the high cost of international roaming and calling. For those who travel often, it is common to have multiple phones or SIM cards, one for each country. Truphone is looking to change that situation with its new Truphone Local Anywhere service.

The service will allow international travelers to use only one phone and one SIM as long as they are in a supported country. It makes every phone call a local call, meaning you don’t have to pay those ridiculous international cell phone rates. It does this by giving multiple cell phone numbers, one for each country the user frequents, so its also cheaper for those calling you from the country you’re not in. The lowest rates are available if you call other Truphone Local Anywhere members.

There’s no current listing of countries that will be supported, but it will most likely be the US, UK, France, and other European countries. It sounds like it would be a great thing for anyone who needs to be able to talk to people in multiple countries. For Americans the only issue would be it not working with Verizon cell phones, but then again, if you need international calling, you probably don’t have Verizon.

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