Even more books on your phone, Safari gets in the game

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Safari Books Online LogoIn case you don’t own a Kindle, or a different e-book reader, but would still like to read on the go, Safari Books might be just the service for you. Safari Books Online is already a prominent digital literature source, but today they announced the creation of a mobile site that comes with the same core components. Their service can be used on devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, RIM’s BlackBerry, Win-Mo phones, and Nokia phones. Essentially, any phone that has an Internet connection with an Internet browser can use this service.

Safari Books Online compiled a survey in which they found 81% of their users use their cell phones and other mobile devices to read reference books. That was one of the reasons Safari Books Online wanted to create a mobile service. Their normal online service boasts 40,000 individual users and 1,500 corporate and government users. I can only imagine their popularity to remain relatively the same on the mobile service. Users still have the option of downloading PDF versions of the book they want and then syncing it to their device, but now they can search on the website itself and find what they want to read.

Here’s what John Chodacki, Director of Consumer Market at Safari Books Online, had to say about their mobile site:

“Safari Books Online is continually evolving to meet the needs of our enterprise and individual subscribers, helping them to stay competitive and improve productivity. Since many of our subscribers already use these devices on a regular basis, opens the door to fast, easy access to the vast array of materials in our library no matter where they may be.”

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