LG partners up with Microsoft to put WinMo on its phones

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Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile has allied with LG in an effort to bring their smartphone software to more users. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile will be now available on 50 LG brand devices. Prior to this announcement, Windows Mobile was only offered on a single LG phone.

Microsoft has fallen in third place behind Symbian and Research In Motion, other producers of mobile software. The deal with LG could help Microsoft improve sales and approach other cell phone makers about offering the software on their mobile devices. As part of the agreement, Windows Mobile advertising will appear on both the devices as well as the packaging of the LG phones.

Windows Mobile has a user friendly interface with a touch enabled screen that uses icons to navigate menus and the ability to instantly jump on Internet Explorer. New features expected to be introduced include the ability to back up data, photos and contacts on Microsoft servers. This allows the user to replace the data if their phone is lost or stolen.

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