BlackBerry Curve 8900 on sale for just $49 (no joke)

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You can snag yourself the Blackberry 8900 right now at Amazon for just $49 after a $100 rebate. The quasi-catch? The additional instant $250 rebate that brings it down from the list price of $499 is that you agree to go with T-Mobile.

According to the purchase terms “The purchase price reflects a $250 instant discount based on your agreement to maintain service with the selected carrier. Please note that if you deactivate this device, cancel your line of service, or reduce the value of your service plan within 181 days of the activation of your service, you will be subject to a charge of up to $250, plus tax.

Well, I suppose if you really want a Blackberry and don’t mind a T-Mobile contract, this is a heck of a good deal. Granted, the new Bold is a bit snazzier in the eyes of some, but hey, it’s not going for 49 dollars.

The Curve comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera complete with flash and video, Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and MicrosSD memory expansion up to 16 GB. You’ve also got the QWERTY keyboard of course, with a high-resolution 480 x 360 pixel LCD screen. You can talk for up to five and a half hours, with up to 15 days of standby time. (Although who lets their phone on standby that long?)

You get a charger, rechargeable battery, the wired hands-free stereo headset, a 256 MB MicroSD card, BlackBerry Destop software, and a quick start guide to get you going.

$49 for a smart phone? Pretty smart.

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  • Albert Bargas

    Is this the real thing? because if it is I want to buy.

  • gem

    How much is $49 in pounds can you please get back to me via email i really want a blackberry!

  • Khole

    i need a phone!! no joke is this really 49$ if it really is i want it and does it come with everting in the box?

  • melissa

    Can you please explain me this information, are you kidding me? 49 dollars? really, can you add more information about the smarthphone?

  • Sharmake

    wow is so good

  • mido

    guys do you really that this thing is correct.a blackberry like that is 250$.