Down but not out: Kogan reveals new Android prototype

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Kogan Agora prototype

Recently Kogan, a small Australian cell phone manufacturer, made waves in the Android world when it announced its Agora and Agora Pro Android phones. Had they reached market, the handsets would have been the second Android phones available to the general public following T-Mobile’s G1. Unfortunately even though the pair of phones garnered significant interest in the mobile world, in January, Kogan leadership announced that production on the units would be delayed indefinitely. At the time, there was a great deal of speculation as to whether this was due to the handset displays not meeting the minimum requirements for an upcoming Android refresh.

However, information has recently surfaced that makes it appear that there is still a possibility of Kogan bring an Android handset to market. Several parties are reporting that they have had some hands on time with one of the original prototypes; the device shares some design cues with the Samsung Blackjack, but looks like a solid offering on the whole. Some changes may be in the works on the overall design; Ruslan Kogan, founder of Kogan, reports that the final model will be reminiscent of the iPhone with a large 3.8 inch screen dominating the front of the device. Shay from Midnight Update managed to grab an interview with Ruslan Kogan himself, and even has some footage of the prototype Agora. Hit the read link to check out the interview.

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