Netflix lives up to name, intends to offer streaming only subscriptions

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Netflix Instant Watch on Xbox 360

It looks like Netflix, who has taken flak in the past based on the fact that its name does not stir up images of DVDs by-mail, is finally moving into position to live up to its name. Right now Netflix users pay their subscription for access to Netflix’s tremendous library of DVDs by mail, with the bonus feature of access to streaming content thrown in. However since the launch of its partnership with Microsoft, which brought streaming content to the Xbox 360, Netflix has experienced unprecedented growth.

Now with Watch Instantly capabilities being offered on Roku set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and even some televisions; Netflix is recognizing the possible market for standalone streaming subscriptions. Barry McCarthy, CFO of Netflix, expressed intentions on Wednesday to make plans for just streaming content available in the “foreseeable future.” Currently Netflix Instant Watch boasts a selection of approximately 12,000 titles, though critics say many are not A-list quality material. Hopefully with increased interest in streaming content and the propagation of the Netflix platform on new hardware, we will see the content list expand to more mainstream fare.

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  • Phoebe

    This announcement seems like a bit of a non-event – of course Netflix is going to offer streaming-only subscriptions at some point and the date isn't yet set.

    Making it easier for customers to choose what to watch elsewhere ( goes hand-in-hand, I think, as part of Netflix's exploding online (beyond-the-envelope) presence. At Jinni ( we see plenty of people using our search-and-recommendations to complement the Netflix service.