Sidekick 2009; more leaked, but still rumored details emerge

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Sidekick 2009; more leaked, but still rumored details emergeThe latest details surrounding the upcoming launch of the Sidekick 2009 are still falling in the rumor category, however they do seem to hold a little bit of truth. As for the launch, so far we have seen some good stuff coming through, but there still are a few key items missing. To begin with, the latest rumor is calling for the Sidekick 2009 to launch on April 1, 2009, which would be during CTIA.

As far as the truth to that date, like I mentioned it is just a rumor at this point, however there is a possibility. We have seen online reports that there are users in the wild that are already testing the device, we have even recently seen that leaked image proving it. That seems to fit with the time lime for an April 1 release, however, on the flip side, we still have not seen that required FCC listing just yet. This seems to be a little bit of good and bad for an April 1 release, but as always time will tell.

Anyway, in addition to this release date, there is also a document that is reported to be coming from Telstra claiming that they will be the “first to exclusively reveal the brand new Hiptop device of 2009.” While this document could easily have been forged, the announcement does fit with how the Sidekick Slide was released. If you remember back, the Slide also landed with Telstra before T-Mobile, so again, we will file this one as a rumor that has a ring of truth to it.

Bottom line, these leaks and images seem to be increasing in frequency lately, and that often points to an impending release.

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