PC sales set to fall in record numbers

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There are very few industries that aren’t being affected by the global recession, one of them being the netbook industry. Since netbooks are thriving in the market and are only going to become more popular, PC sales have begun to drop off and the worst has yet to come predicts Gartner analysts.

Overall, PC sales could potentially fall by 12 percent to 257 million units. In fact, the only other time PC sales were down was in 2001, when shipments only decreased by 3.2 percent. Seven years later, here we are amidst a terrible recession where PC sales have declined four times as much as the last drop-off. People have begun to take better care of their PCs, hoping that they can stretch the lifetime of their machines without having to spend a lot of money each year for a new system. In addition, Gartner predicts desktop sales will decline by nearly 32% in 2010. However, they are somewhat optimistic as they expect laptop sales to rise by 9%.

Recently, HP announced a 19% loss in terms of PC sales, Dell reported an astounding 27% decline in desktop sales and a 17% drop in laptop shipments. Other companies such as Intel, Western Digital, and Nvidia have also reported losses.

Now, the reason laptops are still doing well is due to the emergence of the netbook. People like compact systems with simplistic designs, that doesn’t sacrifice quality – something the netbook offers. As netbooks become more popular, laptops remain popular as well. Gartner goes on to say that netbook sales should double from 11.7 million shipped last year to 21 million shipped this year.

Personally, I enjoy using a desktop over a laptop, just because I don’t like how laptops/netbooks are all cramped up. That being said, if the economy was in better shape, I might consider investing in a netbook because of their portability. Only time will tell if Gartner’s predictions are correct. For the sake of companies who specializes in PCs and desktops, I hope Gartner is wrong.

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  • Michael Gabriel

    Netbooks are getting better and better with new improvisations and feature upgrades. The functionality of these handy gadgets can easily rival that of desktop PCs which, I think, is why the Netbook industry will not experience a sales drop like that of the desktop PCs. On top of people trying to stretch the lifetime of their machines, the option of buying a PC which you can conveniently bring along with you anywhere you go is a good reason why <a href = "Desktop" rel="nofollow">">Desktop PC Shipments Are Expected to Fall to Record Lows in 2009.