Get free movies from Redbox in March on Wednesdays

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You’re probably already using redbox, the rental kiosk found all over the place in supermarkets. Lots of people like it because it is convenient and it is cheap – only $1.00 a night per rental. Well, now it is even more cost effective to rent from your redbox…because it is free. And ya can’t beat free.

Right now, rebox is offering the special that every Wednesday in March you can rent a movie for free if you go to their redblog site and simply get the code that they will post each week. That’s it. Then you can go and rent the movie of your choice for free.

They also have a special for cell phone users for a free movie on Mondays. If you enter your number on the redbox site, they will text you a code each Monday that you are able to use for a free rental. I can’t personally tell you if they inundate you with any other messages; as I didn’t try this one out yet. I did just sign up, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you haven’t already tried using codes at redbox, there are plenty of codes out there that are perfectly legit and work just fine. A good site to check out for lists of updated codes is insideredbox. To use the code, all you have to do is add the movie you want to your cart and hit the button for “add promo code” before you swipe your card, and it will take off the charge.

Good luck and happy watching!

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  • Jodie Andrefski

    Update—Like I said…I signed up to have redbox text me a Monday code for a free movie. It's after 2:00 Monday afternoon, and no code as of yet. On the upside, I also haven't been hit with any spam texts or charges….but I still would have liked my free movie.

    I DID try to use the code on the redblog site last Wednesday…and it did work with absolutely no problem.