T-Mobile announces nationwide $50 unlimited calling

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T-Mobile has recently made their new $50 unlimited calling plan available for customers across the US. Initially, the new Unlimited Loyalty Plan was launched as a trial in San Francisco a little over a week ago, however, the good news is that its now available in all US T-Mobile markets.

The plan offers users unlimited calling per month for just $49.99. Of course, there is a catch, in order to sign up you must be a “loyal” T-Mobile customer. Basically, being loyal means you have been with them for at least 22-months and have also been in good standing during that time.

In addition to the $49.99 unlimited calling plan, those same loyal customers can also add additional lines (up to four) for $39.99 a month. Under this new promotion T-Mobile is also offering you a $135 credit if you add someone to your account who switches from a competitor.

Via [PhoneScoop]

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  • sylvain siffrain

    I would like to come back with T mobile, but I want to know if I can get unlimited plans.