ASUS debuts community developed dual-screen concept

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ASUS WePC concept

Remember WePC, the development community from ASUS and Intel that asks normal people to design next-generation computers? Yeah, honestly, I forgot about it as well. ASUS hasn’t, however, and at CeBIT it unveiled a concept notebook that takes its design straight from the community at WePC. Unsurprising from ASUS and Intel, along with a community of apparently forward thinkers, the design looks like something that will be hard to pass up.

The design incorporates not one, but two multi-touch screens. There is no physical keyboard on the device, but it would have an on-screen keyboard on one screen should you want one, and possibly hand-writing recognition. ASUS gives the examples of using it as a multimedia hub, a standard notebook, or even an e-book reader. Since it has no keyboard, there’s nothing that would keep the device in any particular position, which would make reading PDFs or e-books that much easier.

Granted, this design is simply a concept at this point. There’s no plans yet on when it would be ready for release, though it would be nice to have this within the next few years. It might be touch to use as a standard notebook for an extended period of time, at least if you’re using the on-screen keyboard exclusively as a means of input. The idea of using it to read e-books sounds like a great idea to me. Having a ton of PDFs can be a pain on a standard computer with having to just scroll through every page. Having them read more like books would be a great idea.

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  • gandharva

    Oh, wow, wounderful,

    Then this type of netbook will looks like electronics books it's just like books with dual screen.

    It will mainly help in to open one more window at a time.

    But some there will be confusion..

    Thanx for kind information.