RIM dubs its store “BlackBerry App World”

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RIM announces BlackBerry App WorldRIM has announced the official name of its app store as the “BlackBerry App World.” What were you expecting, “RIM’s Fantastacial Mega Applications Warehouse?” If you want to be notified when the store goes live head over to RIM’s site.

So now we have Apple’s “App Store,” Palm’s “App Catalog,” and RIM’s “BlackBerry App World.” I’m pretty sure everyone will still call it an “App Store” since that’s what Apple called it. Sure there were applications for other phones running Palm or Windows Mobile, but these three ought to be the big ones until Microsoft joins them.

What else can you take from this news? Both Apple and Palm didn’t put the phone name in their store names, but RIM did. Expect any and all RIM phones to carry the “BlackBerry” name. Don’t expect the RIM “Not-a-BlackBerry” any time soon.

What do you think of the name? Hit, miss, or just a yawner?

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  • Doug Berger

    Ahh yes, that's different! It's a World, not to be confused with a Store or a Marketplace. They made a mistake… they should've called it Flea Market. :)

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