Microsoft offers three new important security bulletins for Windows

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Microsoft has shipped out three new security bulletins this week in order to fix critical errors that have affected millions of Windows users. The most serious of the threats involves an executable file that can attack your computer if you view a trapped image file.

The bulletins posted are labeled as MS09-006, MS09-007 and MS09-008. The first one MS09-006 offers protection against the specially made EMF or WMF image file as previously mentioned. The MS09-007 bulletin involves a spoof attack if the attacker is able to gain access to the person’s certificate of authentication. The MS09-008 offers protection against a remote attack where the system is able to redirect internet traffic systems. Without this bulletin, users can be redirected onto a malicious network.

These bulletins are available for all versions of Windows and are included in the standard Windows update. For more information on the bulletins, you can check the security page of the Microsoft website.

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