New battery material may charge devices in seconds, not hours

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New Battery Material

With a few exceptions, despite all the advancements in computer technology there is one place where the industry hasn’t seemed to make huge leaps forward: batteries. Apple made some interesting advancements to the batteries in the new 17″ MacBook Pros, but that was more in dealing with how the energy is stored and used. There haven’t been too many batteries pushed out to consumers that really pushed the boundaries of what we’d expect. A major issue I find is how long it takes to change the damn things. Having to wait hours for a netbook or laptop to fully charge can be extremely frustrating for the impatient.

In a few years that may change, thanks to a new battery material developed by researchers at MIT. The material could lead to batteries that could power laptop or other devices in seconds rather than hours. It can do this by allowing the electrically-charged ions travel through the material much faster than they possibly could in our current batteries.

There’s reports that through 50 charge/discharge cycles that the batteries with the new material show no real drop in capacity. That’s very good news for those of use who are always afraid of the lifetime of a battery. For example, my nearly three-year-old MacBook Pro’s battery can barely last 30 minutes without completely failing.

The new battery material isn’t ready yet, and probably won’t reach consumers for another two or three years. It is licensed to two unnamed companies as of right now, which means we’ll hopefully see these batteries as soon as their ready. I’ll be looking forward to charging my rumored Apple netbook in seconds to use for hours, or whatever notebook they have out at the moment.

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