GrandCentral to live on as Google Voice

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GrandCentral to live on as Google VoiceNow that Google has settled that pesky visual voicemail lawsuit with Klausner Technologies, it appears that GrandCentral is going to remain alive, but with a few changes, which seem to come in the form of the name and added features.

To begin with, Google has unveiled a new service called Google Voice, one which will initially be available only for current GrandCentral users. Google Voice will allow you to have one Google phone number that will let you place or receive calls as well as send or receive SMS messages. Additionally, it will offer Google Voicemail, which will not only let you get messages, but also give you transcripts of your messages. Other features of Google Voice will include conference calling, call recording, call screening, forwarding and many more.

As for when Google Voice will be open to everyone, that was not yet mentioned specifically, instead it was noted that it will be opening to others “soon.” As a current GrandCentral user I am looking forward to seeing how Google Voice performs. Of course, if they do open up an invite system I will make sure to give some away on a future post. In the meantime, current GrandCentral users can “sign in to your GrandCentral account and follow the instructions at the top of your inbox.”

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    Thanks Robert Nelson for this article.I have been waiting for nearly 2 years to get an account from GrandCentral.I hope it doesn't take years for google voice to come out of its beta phase and open to public(just like its gmail beta).I be happy if you send me an invite as soon as the invite system re open.