Sony rewarding folks for recycling e-waste in California

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Sony rewarding folks for recycling e-waste in California

At Gadgetell, we’re big into helping out the planet. In Mountain View, California, Sony is running a recycling event. They will be accepting electronics from any brand (not just Sony stuff) on March 28th, 9AM to 4PM at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

Not only will they be accepting your junky old electronics, but the first 2,000 drivers of cars to drop off e-waste will receive a $100 voucher for Sony products. It’s almost like they are paying you to recycle.

Keep in mind this is about electronic devices; Sony will not be accepting things like appliances or smoke alarms. They will be taking things including video game consoles, cell phones, computers, monitors, and televisions.

As you probably know, improperly disposing of electronics can lead to all kinds of disastrous effects like groundwater contamination. By recycling, not only will harmful substances be taken care of, but parts of machines will be reused. If you can’t make it to the event, don’t forget that Best Buy also accepts electronics for recycling (but is a little limited on how much they take).

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