Gadgetell review: Dosh wallet

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dosh wallet mixes plastic with urban style

A wallet needs to do two things well in my book: hold my stuff and look good. The Dosh wallet 6-card accomplishes both while being the easiest wallet to pull a card from I’ve ever used. I am excited about this all-polymer offering from Australia.

The design is deceptively simple. Three card pockets on either side of the fold and a simple money clip at the spine. The money clip is fantastic. Having used a bunch of money clips, this one I’ve found super easy to add new bills in and remove the whole she’bang from.

dosh six card wallet with money clipThe wallet is called 6-card for a reason. 7 doesn’t work. I did manage to cram a 7th in there, but the result was immobilization of the 4 cards in that side. I found I could live with fewer cards. The size is almost exactly the size of my iPhone. In fact, the clear plastic case the wallet is packaged in is a great shell for the iPhone. I suspect this was done on purpose

The wallet itself has a surprisingly not plastic-y feel. It looks thick enough to last a long time and if it gets dirty, simply wash it off. The colors are vivid and the most of the pairings are in my opinion, classy. I dig orange so this Trick or Treat lets me feel like an adult on the outside, but inside, it’s got the orange love.

dosh slim wallet for all your needsThe wallet is made from Desmopan, a thermoplastic polyurethane and is easy to recycle. The wallet is injection molded with a blend of virgin as well as recycled material. The two colors are two parts that are assembled post production and can easily be disassembled for ease of recycling. The design was very well thought out.

Overall, I am very impressed with this slim wallet. It is very practical while still retaining some urban hipster qualities that impress. Incidentally, the word Dosh is slang for a small amount of money.

Product page: [Dosh]

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