HTC looking to release “more than three” Android phones

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HTCSince the release of the G1 there’s an almost deafening silence in terms of other Android phones set to reach market. There’s been the HTC Magic, or G2, or whatever you wish to call it, but that’s been about it. Plenty of companies have promised phones by the end of 2009, leaving us hopeful they make due on those promises. It seems that the whispers of coming phones marches on, with more promises without devices to be shown.

HTC, the Taiwan-based creator of the G1 (or HTC Dream) and the HTC Magic has promised to release “more than three” Android phones by the end of 2009. These phones are worldwide, so there’s no promise we’ll see three or more phones here in the states. Some might be specific to certain territories, such as the Magic is at the moment. There’s a good chance that some might be exclusive to China, as HTC hopes to expand its business in the country.

It’s only a bit sad that those of us looking for Android devices need to hang on every word of companies that are part of the Open Handset Alliance. We know there’s going to most likely be quite a few Android phones released sometime in the coming year, but no idea when. The idea of having a choice between phones running the same OS is a bit of a relief given the iPhone and the forthcoming Palm Pre. Granted, that opportunity also exists with BlackBerries, and Windows Mobile, but to some of us (to myself, at least), neither OS really seems to give the right experience in a phone. We can only hope that HTC, along with other companies, make good on their promises to give us those choices in the coming year.

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