Now I’ve seen it all: Man replaces lost finger with USB drive

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USB finger

A Finnish computer programmer has went ahead and replaced his long finger with a USB 2GB flash drive. Jerry Jalava had his finger severed after getting into a severe motorbike accident last summer.

Jalava crashed into a deer near Helsinky and was treated for wounds, including the severed digit. Doctors had joked about replacing his digit with a USB finger drive and Jalava thought that it wasn’t such a bad idea considering his line of work. The specially designed prosthetic that replaced his digit has the appearance of a real finger, but has the ability to be detached. The USB 2GB storage drive built in can house Jalava’s software, photos, music, videos, and more.

Jalava has talked of plans of eventually upgrading his USB finger and include a removable fingertip that has an RFID tag and even more storage space. According to reports at this time, this is not a hoax and has been verified by several sources.

Read: [PC World]

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