News bits: Pioneer, Cisco, and OS X for your PC

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When news falls through the cracks… wait, that’s the intro to “The Daily Show’s Back in Black” segment. There’s lots of stories in the tech world and sometimes they get buried by Google, Microsoft, and Apple’s every move. Here’s a round up of stories that you may have missed. Pioneer wants to be in your car, Cisco wants to make splash with the business world, and OS X for everyone is coming.

Pioneer's partnering up with someone, but not Mitsubishi

Pioneer to partner up, but not with Mitsubishi

Pioneer is jumping out the television market, but they aren’t done making consumer electronics just yet. The rumor was that Pioneer was speaking to Alpine, Clarion, and Mitsubishi with a focus on making in-car tech. Pioneer has cleared things up by saying they are not speaking to Mitsubishi, but did confirm they are speaking with others. On the surface, it seems like a strange move the company to focus on in-car tech, but who knows — maybe the profit margins are higher. [Source].

Cisco is entering the server business

Cisco entering server business

IBM may be trying to bolster its position on servers by picking up Sun Microsystems, but they’re about to have some company in the form of Cisco. Cisco announced they will be entering the server business. Also of note is the fact that Cisco is working with VMware. Sure, plenty of folks put VMware on servers, but Cisco will be working with the company to better take advantage of virtualizing machines. [Source]

Leo4All, not just yet

Leo4All still paused

Perhaps influenced by a recent Gadgetell article, you’ve been looking at alternative OSes. Maybe you’ve been looking at installing OS X on your PC. Well, we all know Apple’s position on that. The simple fact is, people will just keep trying to get OS X on a generic PC. Leo4All is a project that tries just that. The newest version was slated to be released early this month. However, more than two weeks later, the latest version of Leo4All has yet to surface. This version was to have a LiveDVD which would also give you an option to install. It’s an ambitious project. When there’s an update, we’ll let you know.

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