Gmail updates the Lab; adds Undo Send, in mail YouTube and Flickr previews

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Google has once again added some new features to the Gmail Labs. The first new feature is something that plenty of people would have loved to have at some time or another — the ability to change your mind after you send a message. Now with the new Undo Send feature your can do just that, unfortunately, while pretty exciting, it is limited to only five-seconds. Sure, not quite long enough for some, but I suppose a few seconds is better than nothing.

In addition to Undo Send, Gmail has also added in-mail previews for YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and Yelp. Nothing super exciting with this feature, but it does make checking your email a little more enjoyable, and will also save some clicks by allowing you to see these commonly linked items in your inbox.

Any of these new features, along with a bunch of other useful items can be enabled by logging into your Gmail account and then clicking on the “Labs” section within your “Settings.”

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  • GoEverywhere Team

    I'm a huge Gmail fan and love these additions, although I'm thinking 5 seconds isn't really enough time!! Perhaps they could implement a system that allows users to choose the time themselves, putting a delay on the sent mail until that time has passed.

    But at least it's a start! And those previews are pretty amazing.