Would you pay $10 to get Netflix on your Wii?

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Netflix on wii for just $10

$10 for all you can stream Netflix movies and TV shows is what Netflix is testing the water with via a new survey questions according to Joystiq. The survey suggests Netflix found a way to get their customers or new customers access to their network via the uber-popular Nintendo Wii. So the question Netflix wants to know, would you cough up $10 to watch your Netflix instant queue?

Netflix streaming is coming to every connected box as of late. I’ve been using the service via a TiVo HD box as of late and it is changing the way I use Netflix’s service. My ratio of instant view versus traditional mailers is about 3 to 1. If only their instant view selection was better, my ratio might stop mailing all together. The instant streaming starts almost instantly, perhaps a 10 second lag at most.

The survey suggests the $10 would cover the cost of the disc you’d need to load on the Wii unit in order to get to the Netflix service. Users would access Netflix by the Wii’s connected capabilities. Users would need to insert this disc every time they wished to access Netflix’s service.

Netflix continues its march toward morphing with the times away from physical media format and gearing up for an internet delivered method of distribution. Their on-everything approach is interesting to watch. As a Wii owner, I would pony up $10 easy for this ability.

We’ll be watching this development closely.

Source: [Joystiq] via [Boy Genius Reports]

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  • Bulldog

    To be honest, I wouldn't pay for this at all. I have Netflix on my 360, but even if I didn't, it isn't worth $10. I never use it on the 360, as it is much easier to just use it on my computer, and the quality is pretty much the same. I'd rather get a WiiWare or VC game.

  • Justin

    I have netflix and a wii, but I don't have a 360 or a laptop so I'm hoping that they do make it available to wii users, it's only fair

  • bret

    I would pay $10.00 for this to watch movies on my tv instantly, right now I have to wait a few days for the DVD's to come- this would be much better!