Sony goes greener: Revises DVD packaging

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Paul Blart to lose weight via SonyThe other day, I was wondering aloud why exactly some DVDs and Blu-ray discs come in a cardboard sleeve and a bulky plastic case when others come in slimline packaging. It looks like Sony thought about the same thing. Starting with “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” Sony will be going more green with its DVD and Blu-ray packaging.

The packaging for the home video version of “Paul Blart” will use only 80% of the plastic that is currently used. Recycled paper will be used for the box art. Even the shrink wrap used will be lighter. Oh, and there won’t be a cardboard sleeve, either. All of this means a more green package.

A greener package is also a lighter one. Sony will probably be able to cut shipping costs to help out their bottom line. Maybe this will help them get out of the mess they’ve been in for a while now.

Maybe if things get bad enough we’ll see a return to simple cardboard sleeves like the ones that came with vinyl records for DVDs and the rest. They would be really light, would work fine, and would be simple to produce.

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