Solar power partnership? Sharp and Toshiba may team up

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Solar power partnership?  Sharp and Toshiba may team upIn this economy, more and more companies are working together. An announcement out of Sharp and Toshiba says the two may combine resources on solar technologies.

That’s kind of a strange announcement. “We may work together?” Why would they announce a potential team up? Stock prices. Sharp and Toshiba both saw gains this morning. This is an interesting strategy. A lot of the times, companies announce actual plans to do things. Here’s how the deal would work: Sharp would provide panels to Toshiba and Sharp would get electricity distribution systems from Toshiba. Perhaps the positive market reaction will be the catalyst to get this deal actually done.

Sharp is currently the number two solar cell maker. This kind of partnership could allow them to become the leader in the field. By combining resources, these companies should be better equipped to handle the rough global economy. Additionally, more research in alternative energy is always a good thing. One of the biggest drawbacks about solar energy is its inefficiency. Current crops of solar panels take a very long time to pay for themselves. With a potential Sharp-Toshiba deal, there could be some nice advances in solar tech.

Read: [Information Week]

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    Hopefully a partnership like this will drive down the prices of solar panels.