Oddball Tech: MySpace trouble, blood powered iPods, and Jeff Bezos goes blue collar

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Oddball Tech


MySpace trouble

A teenage girl in New Jersey may have inadvertently broken the law. She posted a bunch of nude pictures of herself on MySpace for her boyfriend and ran into child pornography laws. The girl could face 17 years in jail and may have to register as a sex offender. [Source]

You power your iPod

The energy generated by the smallest movement, like your blood flow, may be harnessed and could power your favorite electronics. The idea is to use nanogenerators to make energy from movements. Battery technology has moved at a snail’s pace. Maybe a hundred years after the military takes advantage of this technology, a future generation will be able to use it on a daily basis. [Source]

Jeff Bezos, working class man.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is working in Lexington, Kentucky in an Amazon distribution center. Coworkers are saying he walks around like he owns the place. Okay, that part isn’t true, but Bezos is doing some blue collar work. He will be working there for a week an in effort to get a better understanding of the life of an average employee. Bezos is not doing any interviews or press about this while in Kentucky, so this doesn’t look like a publicity stunt. [Source]

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